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Kartina TV for beginners

We know that is sounds crazy, but the modern society can’t exist without television.

Now, content of TV channels is one of the main sources world’s information.

In addition, if you live abroad and you can’t get used to local television, then service of Kartina TV will solve your problem, and beside that it makes you closer to your motherland. 

As a saying goes, let’s combine business with pleasure, why not?

We hope, this article will be an topic for new customers, map or guide (name it as you want) to unknown world of modern online television in the USA.

So, let’s start…

What is Kartina TV?

Service Kartina TV USA, it isn’t just a leader of modern television technologies, it’s a big friendly family that is always ready to help you spend your weekend with positive mood.

Kartina TV broadcasts more than 200 the best television channels CIS countries and provides its own services, which makes your watching more comfortable and technically progressive, today’s young generation will like it, and more adults can handle with it and enjoy this service.

Broadcasting delay

Customers of Kartina TV service can put a live broadcast on a pause to make a cup of coffe, and continue watching after coming back at that place, where you left of.

Parental control

With a parental control function you can protect under-aged children from unfavorable videos (like blood, violence, and erotica).


It’s very simple. One subscription Katrina TV for three devises. Press the button knows more.

Adult channels

Free, 24/7 and safe access to adult channels Kartina TV.


Haven’t seen new series of favorite serial or football match? It isn’t a problem for us! You will always have 2 week archive!


We have huge numbers of movies, serials and music videos for any taste.In addition our video collection now we are partners with IVI video service.Details.

How to connect Kartina TV?

You can watch Kartina TV all over the world, you just need stable internet connection and Kartina TV Subscription. The last one you can buy at our shop.
Pay your attention, before buying or processing your payment we recommend you to read an article “Buying and delivering Kartina TV in USA
Don’t forget to read describing of goods, there’s a lot of interesting material in there.
After having completed all the financial steps, you will receive email, which will contain a login name and a password for your Kartina TV Subscription. 
These data shouldn't be disclosed to strangers as someone will be able to use your abonnement. If there isn’t a letter in your email (it was unlikely), look to the spam folder.
It you prefer relaxing after hard working day in the livingroom in front of TV, with favorite channels Kartina TV, you need to buy any of the represented  Kartina TV Boxes, which are very simple in the setting up and connecting. 
In order to better understand, there are some articles “the installation, setting-up and delivering Kartina TV” and ”The most common issues about  Kartina TV Brooklyn”. They explain all the nuances.  
When the technical part will be done, you need to type in the login and password into menu settings of your receiver.
In case you are fan of more modern way of watching online TV online USA (ether on a computer or smartphone), you need to download app, type in your subscription and enjoy our service.
The article, “Player for Kartina TV” can help you to deal with this, besides, there are some references, where you can download Kartina TV Player.
Channel list in subscription Kartina TV
Customers, who use our services, know that our channel list is highly varied and always increases by new channels. All members of your family will be pleased. Just imagine: more than 150 various channels will be at your disposal during all subscription time.

Categories of channels Kartina TV

  • General
  • Information
  • News
  • Entertainment 
  • Kids 
  • Music
  • Sport
  • International
  • Movies
  • Adult
  • Radio

What is more profitable: monthly or annual premium Subscription Kartina TV?

In terms of mathematics it is more profitable to buy annual premium subscriber. Firstly you can save about 50$, secondly, we often give free Katrina TV Boxes for buying premium subscription with Auto-renew or prepay. As you can see, we often pamper out customers, as a real family.

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