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Frequent questions about Kartina TV Brooklyn

From time to time, our customers are faced with technical difficulties and issues that they cannot find the answers on quick enough. We are always here to help and that’s why we have put together the most frequently asked questions from our customers and the answers to them. We hope that they will help you deal with your problem.

But even if your question is not listed here – feel free to write it in the comments to this article; we will answer it and add to the list. Because it is very likely that the decision will help also someone else, but you.

Q: Kartina TV slows down, the picture freezes, watching is uncomfortable. Do something!

A: When watching a broadcast, there may be two "bottlenecks" that affect its quality. The first, most likely, is the speed of the Internet connection between you and the broadcasting server. The second is the speed and quality of data transmission between your router and console. The second option is less common, we will consider it below; now we overview the first in details.

According to statistics of our tech support, the most common cause of delays in watching is wrong choice of broadcasting server. The reason is simple: by default, the Europe South server is chosen, since Kartina TV is a German company, and, therefore, most of its customers are also from Germany. This server is the most optimal for them geographically. But for our customers, there are more appropriate broadcasting server, geographically located in the United States. So there is no need to connect to European servers across the Atlantic, if US is closer, and therefore the transmission quality must be higher and more stable.

Q: Okay. And how do I select the best broadcasting server?

A: You can determine the speed of informational exchange with any server of Kartina TV directly on our website in the section "Check the speed". Americans most likely fit the first three speedometers – USA East Coast, USA West Coast or USA North. Check the speed for each of the servers one by one (exactly one by one, not simultaneously, otherwise the data may not be accurate). The one that showed the maximum speed is your best broadcasting server.

Q: It is clear, but how do I set up the equipment to receive broadcasts from this server?

A: This is not a huge issue. If you are the owner of one of consoles Comigo Duo or Comigo Quattro HD, then do the following:

Press the Menu button – Settings – Subscription to Kartina TV. You will see the server selection at the bottom of the screen. Choose the right one and save the settings.

Owners of consoles Dune Micro HD and Dune Relax must do the following:

Press the Top Menu button and go to Settings, select the icon Kartina TV and replace the broadcasting server to the right one and save your changes next

Q: I choose a server with the maximum speed, but it did not help. What do I do?

A: Most likely, you have a second type of problem – poor connection between the router and console. First, you need to check the way how your console connected to the Internet – is this wireless connection via Wi-Fi, or by wire?

Q: What's there to check? It is connected by wire!

A: And yet it is essential to check all once again now, as sometimes the connection settings reset, and you suddenly become a user of wireless technology instead of a reliable cable. It is easy to check. For Comigo consoles:

Button Menu – Settings – Network. On this screen, you must check the position of the orange dot – is it near the item named "LAN" or is it near the wireless network.

On Dune Micro HD and Dune Relax consoles verification is slightly different:

Button Top Menu – Settings – Network settings. Make sure that everything is set up right.

Q: I am connected via Wi-Fi, so what? Do you know how fast is it?

A: We still strongly recommend all our customers to use a wired Internet connection. Yes, this is an excess wire in your room, but it is also more reliable. The explanation is not difficult.

Wired data transmission is the old, time-tested technology, which is characterized by its reliability. Of course, if you have a flock of rabbits in a house, which gnaw everything in its path, then even wire cannot resist them, but in most cases, it guarantees the high quality of transmission without losses.

You cannot say the same about the wireless transmission. Since these are conventional high-frequency radio waves, they are afraid of interferences in their path. And we're talking not only about such serious obstacles as a concrete wall between the transmitter and the receiver. Interference can be even made by another transmitter operating on the same frequency (Wi-Fi has standardized one) and the same broadcasting channel.

Even ordinary radio stations can interfere with each other, as many of you experienced during the car drive –another station is wedged, which at the current position has higher strength of the signal. The situation with Wi-Fi does not differ really. Wireless internet is fast, everything works and opens instantaneously, does not get bugged or freeze until… The reasons for the deterioration of Wi-Fi can be various:

  • your neighbor bought a router that transmits a signal on the same radio channel as yours;
  • there is a new wireless device in your house that suppresses the signal of your console;
  • your router is simply broken.

Q: How do I check which channel my router works on?

A: Those who are well in technical issues can go to the settings of the router and find the channel of its broadcasting stated there. But for most people it is much easier to install the application from the AppStore or Google Play on the phone, the so-called Wi-Fi analyzer that will test all wireless networks around you and will show their details, among which there will be a broadcasting channel. And if some networks have duplicating channel – you should set them up so that each network worked on unique channel.

For example, our engineer of technical support faced with a similar issue at his home when he bought AirPort Extreme from Apple. Console Comigo Quattro comfortably located only in few feet from him, but the promised joy of possession of such a thing did not come. On the contrary, there was a strong desire to bring it back to the store. Of course, because the picture on the TV froze every 10-15 seconds, making the interesting broadcasting the irritating slideshow.

But as our engineers are trained to face the difficulties, they had adopted the right decision – to use the mentioned Wi-Fi analyzer. It has joyfully reported that there is another network nearby operating on the same channel, and they managed to locate the problem via simple manipulations – upstairs neighbor, or rather his router. Fortunately, the neighbor did not need to be involved, just changing the channel was enough on the AirPort Extreme, and Kartina TV box has never bothered him with big problems.

Q: It is OK with the channel, but the reception is weak. How do I deal it?

A: There are several solutions for this issue. The preferred and most correct one, as we have already mentioned, is to wire it and receive a signal by wire.

Another way is to install additional wireless Access Point somewhere closer to your console of Kartina TV and set it up so that it worked in the Bridge mode. The main drawback of this method is the fact that it requires technical knowledge or calling a specialist, who will install and configure it all.

Finally, if you do not want to set the access point, but the emergence of new wires will not make you happy – you can buy and install a special adapter called Lan Over Powerline. Description of this device is so big that it is quite enough for a separate article, but it will perfectly fit as a solution of your problem, as it is able to transmit the Internet over the power line in the walls of your house. In short, it will provide you with the Internet literally from every power socket.

Q: I have tried this for a hundred times and nothing works!

A: There is another likely problem. Of course, in recent years, it is increasingly rarer, but it is still too early to forget about it – not enough speed of the Internet, provided by your provider. It is declared that a minimum speed of 5 Mbit per second is required for your console to work nice. As already mentioned, you can check the speed of your Internet directly on our website in the section "Check the speed". Also you should not forget that speed is indicated for one console, and therefore, if you are using multiple devices simultaneously – you need to take it into consideration.

For example, one of our clients complained that his house has a speed of Internet of 10 Mbit/s, but he experienced periodical problems with the image quality and delays. Eventually, it turned out that the problem appeared when his son in another room also turned on Kartina TV and started downloading something from the Internet. In such cases, we are, unfortunately, powerless and you just have to contact your provider so they would switch you at a higher speed.

As you can see, the options of problems’ solution are many. So if you are a client of Kartina TV Brooklyn and you still cannot get a good broadcasting quality, the translation slows down, or the picture freezes, sound in Kartina TV is lost or other nuisance happen – please contact our technical support at the numbers listed in the header, and we will do our best to provide you with the Internet TV of the highest quality!

We hope that this article has helped you at least a little! If yes – Like it, write your suggestions, wishes and constraints in the comments. Our team will try to answer all your questions and include the answers in this article.

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