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Connecting, installing and delivering Kartina TV

Kartina TV Brooklyn does everything possible to make our customers feel comfortable, not only while watching our TV, but when they make purchases in our online shop. What unites such concepts as delivery of Kartina TV, connecting and configuring the equipment of Kartina TV? Many of those who bought modern equipment already faced the similar situation.

Of course, shopping is nice, but what to do when you don’t know how to connect a TV and purchased console of Kartina TV? Quite often, the console can be connected in different ways, and the number of options can be huge; that on the one hand allows you to customize everything according to your own preferences, but on the other – can cause difficulties for a person who is not a technician.

Some buyers are at once gloomy about spending few nights with the browser, showering Google with queries like “delivery of Kartina TV”, “connection of Kartina TV”, “how to configure Kartina TV”, “how to plug Kartina TV” and many similar, to reread dozens, if not hundreds, of pages and discussion on forums, all try to connect, set up their own, helplessly calling technical support in case of problems. Not very pleasant prospects…


So, if you bought a kit (console and subscription) in Kartina TV Brooklyn, you can safely turn to us looking for help in paid connection service.

Having your request, our staff will drive up to your home, install newly purchased equipment, connect & configure all, and will teach you how to use it. If you will have any questions – feel free to ask them, because you can get advice of competent expert right there.

Do not worry, the new equipment will not harm your interior, as our receivers are small in size and are made in a modest design. Of course, some new wiring will be added to the room, but they will neither get in the way nor spoil the view – we will put them down hidden.

You will also be able to purchase something that you forgot to buy online right at your porch in auto stand of Kartina TV. 

Please note that installation services, connection and configuring of Kartina TV are not free of charge. Base prices for the installation are shown in the table below; you can place an order by calling the specified phone numbers in the header.

The service connection in BrooklynPrice
Connecting 1 set-top box $70
Connecting 2 set-top box $140
Connecting 3 set-top box $210
Connecting 4 or more consoles ask your manager

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