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Kartina TV in Queens

Another office Picture Queens opened in Queens!

Delay of broadcasting of Kartina TV USA

Timeshift of Kartina TV is another feature that is worthy of attention of all our service members who watch the Russian-speaking channels not from Russia. It makes watching Russian television in America even more convenient.

Kartina TV is the Best Russian TV in New York

As we all know, in New York, but not only here, all throughout the USA lives a big number of Russian immigrants, who are missing the Russian language, and want to be maximally close to it. To make it more clear, we want to show you an interesting Wikipedia fact: in America lives almost five million Russians people, and most of them – in New York. And it is very important for Russian Americans to have a Russian-speaking channels.

Connecting, installing and delivering Kartina TV

Kartina TV Brooklyn does everything possible to make our customers feel comfortable, not only while watching our TV, but when they make purchases in our online shop. What unites such concepts as delivery of Kartina TV, connecting and configuring the equipment of Kartina TV? Many of those who bought modern equipment already faced the similar situation.

Parental Control on Kartina TV

Kartina TV Brooklyn provides its customers not only high quality of broadcasting of Russian TV, but also the ability to control what our little viewers watch. The "Parental Control" in the devices by Kartina TV allows you to disable access to erotic channels, adult films, and ones containing scenes of blood violence that is undesirable to for your children.

Очередные премьеры на Kartina TV

Сервис Kartina TV своими регулярными новиками киноиндустрии не дает скучать зрителям – ловите сразу две премьеры!

Приятный вечер с Kartina TV

Чтобы ваш вечер прошел более приятно – мы предлагаем посмотреть два новых фильма! Итак, поехали…

Kartina TV Baltimore

Kartina TV Baltimore подключись всего за $18 в месяц!

Обновленное приложение Kartina TV для Android TV

Новая версия приложения для Android TV стала значительно проще и удобнее. Как только открывается главный экран – понимаешь, что приложение выглядит намного интереснее.

Kartina TV Sacramento

Kartina TV Sacramento подключись всего за $18 в месяц!

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