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Kartina TV is the Best TV in New York

As we all know, in New York, but not only here, all throughout the USA lives a big number of Russian immigrants, who are missing the Russian language, and want to be maximally close to it. To make it more clear, we want to show you an interesting Wikipedia fact: in America lives almost five million Russians people, and most of them – in New York. And it is very important for Russian Americans to have a Russian-speaking channels.

Of course, there are many services and providers, who provide their services for a certain price (sometimes it is rather big), but they mostly provide a little number of channels, and the quality of the broadcast is constantly lame. What should you do in such situation? After all, you just want to come home, sit in front of your TV-set and enjoy the company of Russian pop stars, cinema and show business celebrities.

Kartina TV is the Best TV in New York

Kartina TV Brooklyn is the most successful TV service in the US, as we appreciate the convenience and time our subscribers. And it's not just another boast, but the real state of affairs. For example: any other service provides only about dozen of channels with the middling quality, without any additional features. Kartina TV Brooklyn monthly subscription costs only 18 dollars, and annual subscription will cost you $18/month. Of course, the price difference isn’t so big, but we have tangible features, that any other provider will offer to you:

  • In your use will be more than a 200 channels for every taste, provided by Kartina TV USA, and all they will be in perfect quality – sports, news, entertainment, erotic and other international channels. Also, two new Kartina TV channels package will be available on market, so our customers will have a choice for what to pay. More details you will find here;
  • You will be able to pause a live broadcast at any time and continue watching it later from the moment you were stopped;
  • You can use one active Kartina TV subscription on three home devices (multiroom by Kartina TV) - on your tablet, your computer and your TV, or on multiple TVs with different consoles;
  • Also, you can use our video library, which contains the best movies from all over the world, with a professional voice acting in Russian;
  • If you missed the broadcast or TV series, you can watch it later, using our archive of broadcasting, where broadcasts are being saved for two weeks;
  • Using "parental control Kartina TV" you can deny access to those channels that you think are undesirable for your children.

Obviously, such list of features for a relatively small money will not give you any other  TV provider in the New York and Brooklyn. So why deny yourself in these modern features, which are provided by Kartina TV in Brooklyn?

TV online in the US is a breakthrough that will not leave anyone indifferent, because comfort is very important for the modern people.

You can buy monthly or annual subscription on our website. Also you can buy Kartina TV boxes and accessories which can make your life even more comfortable.

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