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Useful and interesting information about Kartina TV Brooklyn

Kartina TV USA

The popularity of the Kartina TV service is growing every year, and the reason of that is not only to increasing the number of Russian-speaking population in America, but also to the quality of the services provided by us. At the moment, the number of Kartina TV viewers has exceeded 5 million, and this figure makes us work better and faster.

Uspoisk.com - with us you will find everything you need!

We all at least once used the bulletin board, and someone got a positive experience, and someone is not very happy with the result. In any case, you should not give up this venture, because the free classified ads service in the United States is a good thing for both the advertiser and the simple user.

Holidays with Kartina TV in Miami!

Certainly, each of us in the middle of the working day dreams of the warm sea, the sandy beach and favorite cocktail, and when the long-awaited vacation begins, we try to bring our dreams to the maximum into reality. In most cases, our compatriots living in America go on vacation in Miami, but in this beautiful resort city, you still want to feel habitually surrounded with comfort, one of which is, for example, Russian-speaking channels of Kartina TV. We provide our services throughout the USA and Canada, including the state of Florida, which is very convenient – no matter where you are, no matter what you do!

On March 1, the premium will Kartina TV package

Dear subscribers and guests of our store, Kartina TV Brooklyn is hurry to tell, that we are ready to answer the question, which all of you are very interested: when will the Kartina TV premium subscription be available to purchase? Starting March 1st, 2016, the “Premium” subscription will be available to purchase in our store. We can’t tell yet about the prices of monthly and annual Kartina TV premium subsccriptions, but very soon we will provide this information.

Kartina TV about Brighton Beach

This time we will not talk about the reasons for the emigration of Russian-speaking ethnic groups in the United States, because they’re known to all. Instead of this we will talk about one of the most famous districts of Big Apple, which is known in all world as the very original and ambiguous place. Of course, Russian American, who lived here for a while, know everything here like the palm in the hand. But what should do immigrants, who came here just now? First of all, they should get Kartina TV on Brighton Beach. But that’s not all… So let’s start a little journey over the area with Kartina TV Brighton Beach.

Телеканал RTVi в США и Канаде

Уважаемые зрители, мы можем обрадовать вас отличной новостью – снова пополнился список каналов Kartina TV. RTVi – любимый многими канал, вещание которого значительно улучшилось, теперь и на ваших приставках.

Kartina TV: Mode not supported - what is it and how to fight?

Hello everybody! We’ll try to solve a common problem in this short article, which appears during connecting up your new Kartina TV Dune Box to your TV.

Mostly it happens with TV brands like Samsung, Vizio, LG and others.

During connecting up to the box Kartina TV Dune to your TV you can see a notification ” Mode not supported” or “Unsupported mode”.

Kartina TV Start - what is it?

Breakthrough in the Internet media coverage is always a holiday, especially for demanding viewer, which finds something new and interesting every day. Kartina TV Start that's what you need! It is a modern home entertainment center, cinema hall with new Russian serials and films in a high res, which were made by the famous studio «Start». You shouldn't wait any more for premier showing on the television, you have all these at your own home! 

Where did the Kartina TV channels disappear?

Some of our “Premium” package subscribers noticed, that some number of the channels, previously displayed normally, disappeared. It happened because the channels, previously broadcasted in demo mode, had been withdrawn from the basic package. This problem appears to our customers, who are using Comigo receivers.

A little review of the Kartina TV Dune Like Box

Late last year the Dune HD manufacturer pleased all the fans and the Kartina TV subscribers with a new model of the console called Dune Like, which became the best-selling novelty in a very short time. The box is very popular among our customers, so we decided to talk about it once more, to make everything more clear.

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