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What happened to Kartina TV?

In recent days, our users began to notice that the services of Kartina TV USA go through something unusual. However, not all regularly followed the news on the official websites and groups in social networks, so different version of events began to appear, to the extent that it is a technical problems of Kartina TV or some channels are ceased broadcasting. However, in fact, nothing terrible has happened, and we will try to reveal you that these innovations are useful to everyone.

Kartina TV is a company that always tries to engage in dialogue with our customers, respond to their needs and to meet their requirements as best as possible. A significant part of users expressed many proposals on the development of the service for a long time. Among the most frequent requests are expanding the list of broadcasting channels and reducing the prices for both the annual and monthly subscriptions. As a result, we were able to find a solution that will meet both requests.

We started the introduction of different broadcasting packets of Kartina TV, which will vary not only with the price but also with the list of the broadcasting channels and available services. And if all of our customers before were able to watch only the same channels, and paid the same, now everyone can choose the option that best suits exactly him or her.

We shifted all the existing subscriptions to the "Basic" package that will be most similar to the usual list of channels of Kartina TV with its abilities. In addition to the basic, we introduce new packages "Economy" and "Premium", which will be able to satisfy both the high demands of our customers and the desire to pay less for TV in America.

Эконом пакет Kartina TV Базовый пакет Kartina TV Премиум пакет Kartina TV
50-80 channels 100-135 channels 140-170 channels
erotic channels erotic channels
sports channels
channels HD
archive archive
multiroom multiroom
video library video library video library

We'll tell you about each of the packages more, although some points, for example, the exact list of channels for each package is being worked out. Let's start with what is available today.

The basic package of KartinaTV

The basic package in almost the same form as today has already been used by everyone who bought a KartinaTV subscription, so almost everyone knows its advantages: it presents television in the amount of more than 200 channels (including erotic ones) in excellent quality. Our other services, which are very popular, were also not spared: a broadcast archive for 14 days, a video library, free access to 7 online cinemas and multiroom support.

Basically, all stays in the convenient form, as it was before. But there is a pleasant innovation – the basic’s package price is reduced to all our customers. Now the "Basic" monthly subscription to Kartina TV costs $ 27, and the annual – $ 270.

Package "Economy" of Kartina TV

With Economy package, even those can watch Kartina, to whom the previous price was too high. Of course, it will provide services of Kartina TV to a limited extent: up to 80 Russian-language channels, and the absence of services such as archive and multiroom. However, you will still be able to use video library of Kartina TV. The main advantage of this package is super low price, which will be about 80-100 dollars per year.

Package “Premium” of Kartina TV

Those who are not accustomed to refuse anything, will find the best fit in premium package of Kartina TV. It includes all the usual services such as video archive for two weeks, and a video multiroom with thousands of the best movies that you can watch at any time convenient for you. In addition, you have both sports channels and broadcasting in HD quality that will satisfy even the most demanding film fans. The list of channels will also be much wider than in other packages – 200 channels will be broadcasted. The estimated price of the "Premium" package of Kartina TV is $180 per year.

Please note that the exact program schedule for all packages, including "Basic" is still under development, so the final list of channels for each package is not yet available. The cost of packages "Economy" and "Premium" will be approved by us after all the preparatory work is finished.

As soon as more details are revealed, we will let you know as well as about the other information of the new packages, for example, how to change the package of Kartina TV. We plan to launch two new packages before the end of 2015.

Taking into consideration the changes in the price of services, many customers who have purchased an annual subscription, may be interested in issue of transmission of payment. In order not to create difficulties, we will recalculate the price of the subscriptions with the new, lower one, as well as will add 30 days of Kartina TV broadcasting for free, as a gift.

As you can see, new packages of channels of Kartina TV will provide individual approach to each one in order to please all our clients.

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