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On March 1, the premium will Kartina TV package

Dear subscribers and guests of our store, Kartina TV Brooklyn is hurry to tell, that we are ready to answer the question, which all of you are very interested: when will the Kartina TV premium subscription be available to purchase? Starting March 1st, 2016, the “Premium” subscription will be available to purchase in our store. We can’t tell yet about the prices of monthly and annual Kartina TV premium subsccriptions, but very soon we will provide this information.

Kartina TV Premium package will provide many features, that are not available in the “Basic” package, such as: new premium channels, sports channels, HD-channels and many other useful options and features. Since Kartina TV Premium package will enter the market, some of the channels, which are broadcasting in the “Basic” package with the mark “Demo”, will be gradually disconnected.

For a more comfortable transition, and for the convenience of our customers, Kartina TV automatically transfers all “Basic” subscribers to "Premium" package which will soon be updated with new channels and features.

Comparison of Kartina TV basic and premium packages:

Премиум пакет Kartina TV

At least 140 channels
Erotic channels
Sports channels
HD channels
14 days archive
Video library

Stay tuned, because very soon you will be available to purchase new Kartina TV Premium subscription.

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