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Archive of Kartina TV

If starting talking about our possibilities, then it is better to do it with a "go to the past" option or an access to the 14-days-old archive. Now you do not have to record a live broadcast to watch the missed favorite series or a new release of the controversial talk show when you have time – we will do it for you!

What is good about archive of Kartina TV?

Anyone who uses our services more than one year, probably noticed that archive itself is the most important advantage of the service of Kartina TV Brooklyn, because:

  • It is OK to miss the start of the sports fight or movie with the archive as you can, without waiting for the end of live broadcast, start watching it from the beginning;
  • You can arrange a pleasant evening to yourself, comfortably watching everything you wanted to see during the week;
  • and most importantly – fast forward of commercials! That's real happiness for TV fan.

Of course, our archive only stores broadcasts of the last two weeks, but we have created an alternative for those who want to watch both new and good old movies – video library of KartinaTV, where we gathered more than 1,600 movies, cartoons, music concerts, and other video content in high quality.

How it works?

To use the "Archive" function only you can if having an active subscription KartinaTV. This feature is available both in the player of programs, and in the consoles provided by us.

After opening the menu of the player or the receiver, you just select the desired channel and day. All recorded broadcasts are marked with the “R” letter. Click on the name of the movie or the broadcast to start viewing!

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