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Kartina TV Player

Sometimes all of us have no opportunity to watch Kartina TV on the TV for one reason or another, but do not give up your favorite TV shows and serials, because our service does everything possible to stay always in touch with more than a hundred international channels. Our TV can be enjoyed on the go using your phone or tablet, or even when the TV is already occupied by a crowd of relatives. There are many options, agree, but which one is more convenient?

Watch Kartina TV online

You can watch television channels of our service online on any computer using a web browser, but you cannot use all the available opportunities, and it is a huge disadvantage. If you watch it on the phone, as a rule, its diagonal is too small, which is not very convenient, and the image quality may be hugely affected. In order to make your pastime more comfortable with us, our service offers to use the player for Kartina TV for viewing on a computer, which installs quickly and easily, and you are required only to enter the data of your subscription Kartina TV USA.

Note that if the video quality is not satisfactory, it is necessary to change the broadcasting server, and our page "Speed test" describes how to choose the best.

Installing the player, you will be able to enjoy all of our features, as before that:

  • Fourteen-days’ archive;
  • video collection;
  • recording of interesting moments;
  • live pause and others.

You can download and install the player for Kartina TV for different operating systems right here and now: 

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