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About us

Our store offers you to connect to a modern digital television. And it's not just the well-known IPTV, a new generation of TV with a lot of new features: a video library Kartina TV, 1500 movies in excellent quality, broadcast archive in 2 weeks, multiroom and many others, which you can find on our website.

Buy we can not only passes Kartina TV for a month or a year to see the TV online, but also a variety of HD - top boxes at a very low price, as well as accessories that will make their use more convenient.

How to connect to Kartina TV? How to renew the subscription Kartina TV? How to watch online TV inexpensive? On these and other questions you will find answers in our store. However, if you want a more extensive consultation - call us at the numbers listed in the header of the website or use the feedback form. 

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