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Where did the Kartina TV channels disappear?

Some of our “Premium” package subscribers noticed, that some number of the channels, previously displayed normally, disappeared. It happened because the channels, previously broadcasted in demo mode, had been withdrawn from the basic package. This problem appears to our customers, who are using Comigo receivers.

But there are no reasons to upset or making calls to the tech support, because this problem can be easily solved in a few moments. You just need to re-login your receiver in the system by re-entering information of your description.

This operation is very simple:

  • Push the “Menu” button on remote controller;
  • open the settings;
    • choose “Kartina TV Subscription” section;
    • then select “Subscribe” and re-enter your subscription number and password.

    If you do not remember the details of your subscription, you can read them in the e-mail, which we send our customers after purchasing the subscription. Or, if you’re registered on our site, you can read required information in your personal account, visiting the “Purchased subscriptions” section..

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