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Kartina TV: Mode not supported - what is it and how to fight?

Hello everybody! We’ll try to solve a common problem in this short article, which appears during connecting up your new Kartina TV Dune Box to your TV.

Mostly it happens with TV brands like Samsung, Vizio, LG and others.

During connecting up to the box Kartina TV Dune to your TV you can see a notification ” Mode not supported” or “Unsupported mode”.

How can you solve a problem “Mode not supported” and How does it appear?

Firstable, let’s take in the situation why does this problem appear?

This problem appears because different decoding formats are used in different countries, for example, PAL is used in Europe, NTSC is used in America. More information you can read on Wiki.

Our boxes are intended for all countries, that’s why during the first switching on the box, you need to set it into the right decoding format.

How can you change format? 

So, if you have a message Mode not supported or Unsupported mode on your screen, press the STOP button 3-5 times, after that wait about 10 seconds, than press the button MODE (only ones) (pay your attention that power indicator must blink) and wait about 30-40 seconds. Following this guide, there will appear a list of supported resolutions of your TV.

If you are not sure what resolution your TV supports, we recommend choosing the resolution of 1080i, but if you are sure that your TV supports Full HD resolution, you can chose 1080p resolution.

After choosing right resolution, your box will restart (ATTENTION: the proses  of reboot takes about a minute and during this time there won’t be any information on the screen, don’t warry, wait a little, don’t press any buttons on the Kartina TV Remote Control)

After the picture appears on the screen, the box will ask you to confirm the selection of the resolution, just press confirmation. The box’s setup is finished.

We wish you pleasant watching! Stay tune.

Kartina TV Brooklyn.

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