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Easy start with Kartina TV

In order that each new client did not raise questions about how to use purchased annual or monthly subscription properly to watch Kartina TV, we will try to describe the whole process as accurately as possible.

Activation of subscription

Once you have paid the subscription, you will receive a letter on your e-mail that contains the subscription data (username and password), which cannot be transferred to third parties in any case.

To watch the channels of Kartina.TV on your home TV, you need to buy in our online shop one of the consoles Kartina TV or to buy a kit Kartina TV, which contains everything you need, including an annual or monthly subscription, for a comfortable leisure. Pay attention that the applications installed from Google Play, work on console of Kartina TV only with active subscription.

As you can watch the channels of our service not only on the home TV, but also on the tablet, computer or phone, we offer a free download of Kartina TV player, where you must enter data of your valid subscription, which can be used on three devices at once.

Select the broadcasting server

The stability of our service depends on the speed of your Internet server, so the choice of server to watch Kartina TV is rather a demanding task. Each server can provide a certain speed of the Internet to your location, so the higher the rate – the better the video image and higher bit rate of available broadcasting.

If you prefer to watch IPTV on your computer, tablet or phone, the programs that are running at the background have the influence on the quality of the broadcasting.

You can check the speed on our site, after reading the recommendations to it. Once you have figured out what kind of server you fit better, you must change the settings on the receiver or on the player of KartinaTV, specifying the desired server.

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