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Some problems with the EVA Kartina TV box remote control

From time to time, our subscribers ask us about the Kartina TV EVA remote control battery draining.

The thing is that this remote control works via Bluetooth, which requires more power than the infrared port, so there is a need to frequently change batteries in EVA remotes.

This problem can be solved by switching the Kartina TV EVA remote control to infrared mode. To do this, you will need to simultaneously press the Home button and button 1 on your remote control and hold them pressed for about 15 seconds, after which the LED on the remote will blink three times, signaling that the remote has switched to the infrared port.

So, you can significantly reduce energy costs and use one set of batteries for a long time. Please note that by switching the remote control from the EVA console to IR mode, it will be necessary to point the remote control strictly at the console in order to ensure reliable reception of the remote-control signals.

You can also solve the problem by purchasing a new universal remote control for all DUNE boxes, which can control both the TV and the box.

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