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New product! Kartina TV Relax

Manufacturer of modern consoles DUNE HD pleased all the loyal fans with its new creation – the console Kartina TV Relax! This model stands out from its predecessors both with its technical features and with restrained design.

Now everyone can buy a console of Kartina TV Relax on our website at the best possible price.

General information about the Kartina TV Relax

As it was mentioned earlier, this STB-receiver has excellent technical characteristics, which now will be revealed:

  • console has the built-in new processor SMP87xx, by its power surpassing the previous generation, as evidenced by the perfect operation of all functions;
  • now the video quality has become twice better as receiver supports video codec HEVC (H.265);
  • console supports DASH and has auto-adjustment of video’s bitrate, which ensures maximum image quality, taking into account the actual speed of Internet connection of subscriber;
  • enjoy the music of the highest quality – up to 192 kHz / 24 bit in any format, including Hi-End, which is used by the famous recording studios;
  • now color reproduction is improved up to 64 times with the support of a new method of video encoding with 10 bits per one color component, instead of the usual 8 bits;
  • file manager and file browser will work with user files in a new way, supporting all possible USB-devices. Availability of convenient features for navigating in folders and files will make the work with the console Kartina Relax even easier;
  • the opportunity to use additional features of Kartina TV service in Brooklyn.
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