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Bring a friend to the Kartina TV

Always having a Russian IPTV is very convenient, as you want to relax after a busy day nearby the TV screen while sipping your favorite drink and not to think about anything and to watch another game of adored sports team, even if every of you are at your own home. But what if your friend does not have the desired channel, as his provider does not offer a wide range of Russian channels, although it may take decent money for its services.

What will you get from the Kartina TV?

KartinaTV Brooklyn operates on a completely different principle: less expensive – more qualitative! In addition, our service is ready to make for you a pleasant surprise – for each friend you submit, you will get a monthly access to watch over 150 channels and get the other features of our service.

What will your friend have from Kartina TV?

We will not leave your friend without a gift, as nobody leaves us empty-handed:

  • free to try out our service for three days;
  • the ability to buy products in a mobile auto stand;
  • the opportunity to participate in our other promotional offers.

Detailed terms of promo offer, or how to get the desired gift

A person wishing to receive a free monthly subscription (the user) must do the following:

  • go to "Personal cabinet" and make sure that your active subscription is annual, which you bought exactly from us (a must);
  • to help your friend to take part in the promo, you have to tell him your order number, which is listed in "Personal cabinet" or in an email that you received after dealing with the payment for the subscription.

Your friend, in turn, must get registered on our website and fulfill an order for one of the kits, which includes an annual subscription. At the time of registration, you must specify the order number to identify yourself in the comments to it. Pay your attention that after the completion of registration, no changes are possible.

Important information:

  • your friend must be a new user of our online shop and has never used the services previously that are offered by Kartina TV Brooklyn;
  • during each payment transactions, friend should not use the data of any of existing users;
  • to get the bonus of "Bring your friend" promo, the user must upfront purchase an annual subscription in our store.

If all conditions have been met with both sides, we, in turn, guarantee the customer to grant him a free monthly subscription to Kartina TV. You will receive your gift after your friend will finish the purchase, but in extreme cases, it can take up to six weeks.