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Now you can buy Kartina TV EVA - a new generation Kartina TV box from Dune!

Special offer for chat lovers! If you've already got one of the consoles of Kartina TV with the valid subscription that you can quickly purchase from us, and you often use Skype or other video conferencing programs, this webcam will complement your conversation with vivid and colorful image.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy a cheerful conversation in a widescreen format. Your friends and family can see you well and can enjoy modern technologies. If the room is not enough lighted, the camera will automatically adjust the range of light, and you'll look your best. Webcam also has a sensitive microphone that provides excellent audibility without annoying background noises and other defects of the sound.

Even if you do not have time for a video call, you can simply take a picture with a software processing.

Buy logitech c270 Kartina TV USA Brooklyn, you can now!

Warranty is 1 year from date of purchase.

Получила по акции бесплатно.... работает с моей комиго коробкой отлично.

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Logitech c270 Web camera

Kartina TV Comigo Logitech c270 Comigo Logitech c270
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
USD 2030-01-01
  • 29.99


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