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Now you can buy Kartina TV EVA - a new generation Kartina TV box from Dune!

Please! Be advised it is Dune Box Universal control and it will work only with Dune HD Boxes (Comigo Boxes wouldn’t work with it).

The universal Kartina TV remote is an ideal device for controlling both a TV and Kartina TV Dune Box! Now its easier for you to find your remote, because you have to find only one remote instead of two :). The remote control itself is slightly longer than the standard one, but this makes the control more comfortable – the hand and fingers are not so tired. It is made of high-quality plastic with soft-touch coating, in general, quite pleasant to the touch. Buttons are of average sensitivity and made of black rubber. The pressure passes smoothly and gently, which is very important for a true connoisseur of television. Also, you can use the remote in the dark, including the backlight buttons.

POWER — turn on / off the receiver;

LIGHT — turn on / off the backlight of the remote control;

TV section (UP, DOWN, AV IN, TV INFO, TV POWER, SET) - learnable buttons for controlling a TV or other devices;

use the SET button to teach the remaining 5 buttons in this section (see paragraph "Teachable control panel");

TV — бquick and easy access to the main menu of the Kartina TV application;

MOVIES — quick entry to the IVI video library (if the service is available);

► (PLAY), || (PAUSE), ■ (STOP), >>| (NEXT), |<< (PREV), >> (FWD), << (REW) – control the playback progress;

ZOOM — zoom;

MODE — switching video output modes

Arrows ◄ ► ▲ ▼— buttons for moving around the menu;

ENTER — go to the channel list, open / use the selected category;

RETURN — hide the channel list / go to the last channel, return to the previous window;

TOP MENU — go to the main menu;

POP UP MENU — displays a context menu with actions;

INFO — program information;

V+/V- (volume + / volume) - volume control;

P+/P- (page up / page down) - fast channel switching; scroll up and down in various lists;

MUTE — turn off and on the sound;

RECENT — go to the "Last" section;

SETUP — change the settings of Kartina.TV;

SEARCH — transition to the specified playback position in the archive;

0 – 9 — select the channel number; CLEAR — delete the last entered character;

SELECT — switching the text input mode;

D (blue) — add the channel to your favorites / search through the program guide.

Learnable Remote Control

Looking at this remote control, you can see that the learnable buttons section (UP, DOWN, AV IN, TV INFO, TV POWER) is located separately. These buttons can be used to control not only the TV, but also other devices. The buttons are trained using the infrared signal of another remote control.

To program the buttons, do the following:

  • On the remote control, press and hold the “SET” button until the indicator on the “POWER” button lights up constantly (your remote control has entered learning mode);
  • Place the learning remote and the remote you want to replace at a distance of 3-5 cm so that the IR sensors are opposite each other;
  • Press and hold the copied button until the indicator starts flashing (your remote has recognized the button);
  • Next, select the button in the TV section (1 of 5) and click on it. Now this button is programmed;
  • The remaining buttons are programmed in the same way;
  • To exit the learning mode, press the SET button.


  • It is better to use alkaline AAA batteries;
  • Observe correct polarity when installing batteries;
  • Make sure that there are no obstacles between the player and the remote control;
  • If the remote control works only at close range - change the batteries;
  • Please note that some buttons have different purposes depending on the operating mode of the box;
  • Also, some buttons may work only in a certain operating mode of the receiver.

Make sure that…

  • There should be enough space around the console for good air circulation;
  • All technical requirements are met;
  • The remote control has batteries;
  • All devices is connected to the electrical system.

купила этот пульт, но так и не разобралась вот в этом всем. валеться теперь

удобная штука, заказал таких два... на всякий случай :D

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Universal remote control Kartina TV Dune

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