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Now you can buy Kartina TV EVA - a new generation Kartina TV box from Dune!

Sony TV remote control is a replacement for the broken original. It is versatile and fits a variety of models. Made of high quality plastic, pleasant to the touch and fits well in the hand. The device is equipped with a large number of buttons that you can use to control all the features of your Sony TV.

Suitable for the following Sony TV models:

SONY KD-43XE7000, SONY KD-43XE7003, SONY KD-43XE7004, SONY KD-43XE7005, SONY KD-43XE7077, SONY KD-43XE7096, SONY KD-49XE7000, SONY KD-49XE7003, SONY KD-49XE7004, SONY KD-49XE7005, SONY KD-49XE7077, SONY KD-49XE7096, SONY KD-55XE7000, SONY KD-65XE7096, SONY KDL-32WE610, SONY KDL-32WE613, SONY KDL-32WE615, SONY KDL-40WE660, SONY KDL-40WE663, SONY KDL-40WE665, SONY KDL-43WE750, SONY KDL-43WE753, SONY KDL-43WE754, SONY KDL-43WE755, SONY KDL-49WE660, SONY KDL-49WE663, SONY KDL-49WE665, SONY KDL-49WE750, SONY KDL-49WE753, SONY KDL-49WE754, SONY KDL-49WE755, SONY RMT-TX300E.

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Remote control for Sony TV

Kartina TV RMT-TX300E RMT-TX300E
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