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Now you can buy Kartina TV EVA - a new generation Kartina TV box from Dune!

Samsung TV remote control is a device for comfortable work with TV content. Its classic design will not make you uncomfortable. The remote control does not require special settings and is easy to operate.

Suitable for the following Samsung TV models:

BN59-01175N, TM1240A, UE32H6400, UE32H6400AKXXU, UE32H6400AWXXC, UE32H6400AWXXH, UE32H6400AWXXN, UE32H6400AWXZF, UE32H6470SSXZG, UE40H5000, UE40H5000AWXXN, UE40H6400, UE40H6400AKXXU, UE40H6400AWXXC, UE40H6400AWXZF, UE40H6470, UE40H6470SSXZG, UE40H6590SVXZG, UE40H6600SVXZG, UE40H6620SVXZG, UE40H6670STXXU, UE40H6675STXXE, UE40H6690SVXZG, UE40H6740SVXZG, UE40H6750SVXZG, UE40H6770SVXZG, UE40H7000, UE40H7000SLXXC, UE40H7000SLXZF, UE40H7005SQXXE, UE40H7090SVXZG, UE40HU6900, UE40HU6900SXZG, UE40JU7000, UE46H7000AT, UE46H7000SLXXC, UE46H7000SLXXN, UE46H7005SQXXE, UE46H7090SVXZG, UE48H6400, UE48H6400AWXXC, UE48H6400AWXXN, UE48H6400AWXZF, UE48H6470, UE48H6470SSXZG, UE48H6500STXXU, UE48H6590SVXZG, UE48H6600SVXZG, UE48H6620SVXZG, UE48H6640SLXXH, UE48H6650SLXZF, UE48H6675STXXE, UE48H6690SVXZG, UE48H6740SVXZG, UE48H6750SVXZG, UE48H6770SVXZG, UE48H8000, UE48H8000SLXXC, UE48H8000SLXXH, UE48H8000SLXXN, UE48H8000SLXZF, UE48H8000STXXU, UE48H8090SVXZG, UE48HU7500LXXC, UE48HU7500LXXH, UE48HU7500LXXN, UE48HU7500LXZF, UE48HU7500TXXU, UE48HU7505TXXE, UE48HU7590LXZG, UE50H6470SSXZG, UE50HU6900, UE50HU6900SXZG, UE55H6470, UE55H6470SSXXH, UE55H6470SSXZG, UE55H6590SVXZG, UE55H6600SVXZG, UE55H6620SVXZG, UE55H6675STXXE, UE55H6690SVXZG, UE55H6740SVXZG, UE55H6750SVXZG, UE55H6770SVXZG, UE55H7000SLXXC, UE55H7005SQXXE, UE55H7090SVXZG, UE55H8000, UE55H8000SLXXC, UE55H8000STXXU, UE55H8005SQXXE, UE55H8090SVXZG, UE55HU6900, UE55HU6900SXZG, UE55HU7200SXZG, UE55HU7500LXXC, UE55HU7505TXXE, UE55HU7590LXZG, UE55HU8200TXXU, UE55HU8290LXZG, UE55HU8500, UE55HU8500LXXC, UE55HU8505QXXE, UE55HU8590VXZG, UE60H7090SVXZG, UE65H6400AWXXN, UE65H6470SSXZG, UE65H8090SVXZG, UE65HU7200SXZG, UE65HU7500LXXC, UE65HU7505TXXE, UE65HU7590LXZG, UE65HU8290LXZG, UE65HU8500LXXC, UE65HU8500TXXU, UE65HU8505QXXE, UE65HU8580QXZG, UE65HU8590VXZG, UE75H6470SSXZG, UE75HU7500LXXC, UE75HU7500LXXN, UE75HU7500LXZF, UE75HU7500TXXH, UE75HU7500TXXU, UE75HU7505TXXE, UE75HU7590LXZG, UE78HU8500LXXC, UE78HU8500TXXU, UE78HU8505QXXE, UE78HU8590VXZG, UE85HU7590LXZG.

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Remote control for Samsung TV

Kartina TV BN59-01175N BN59-01175N
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