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Kartina X – new generation box


Kartina X – new generation box

Dear subscribers of the Kartina TV service, in the near future we are expecting a new expansion of the range of our boxes. This time we present a new generation of boxes – Kartina X! According to technical specifications it meets all modern requirements.

Why we recommend you to buy the Kartina TV X?

  • the ability to play 4K video;
  • the prefix is very compact, it literally fits in your palm. It will be convenient to take it on a trip. And at your home it will not take up much space and will not disturb anyone;
  • stylish and thoughtful design will fit into any interior. The Kartina X box has a neutral color and concise design, in general, strictly and tastefully;
  • even those, who do not understand modern technology can install the Kartina X console, which greatly simplifies the life of our subscribers. As for the control of the Kartina X console, there are also no problems. The interface is clear and concise, so that each user will intuitively understand what needs to be done and how;
  • the next advantage of the Kartina X is the “learnable” remote control. Now you will need only one remote control to control both – the box and the TV, which is very convenient.

Briefly about the capabilities of the Kartina X receiver

  • this box makes the image brighter and better;
  • the ability to comfortably watch Kartina TV USA even at low Internet speed;
  • the presence of a full browser will allow the viewer to use the console as another way to visit various Internet resources;
  • the USB port allows you to easily view files from external media.

We will inform you about the presence of the Kartina X console on sale on our website. Follow the news!

Always yours, Kartina TV Brooklyn.

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