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Now you can buy Kartina TV EVA - a new generation Kartina TV box from Dune!

Kartina TV Brooklyn offers its subscribers to purchase a monthly Premium Kartina TV subscription, which includes more than 140 the best channels in HD quality from CIS and counties abroad. You can also enjoy all the benefits of our service without any restrictions. Video library, archive for 14 days, live broadcast pause, multiroom and even more features will make your relaxation more comfortable.

The Premium Kartina TV USA package includes: sports channels, 3D TV, and even adult channels, which can be protected by “parental control”, so you can be assured in a safe watching television by your kids.

24/7 access to best Russian TV in the US is really comfortable, because you can review the favorite moments of any show or movie, and all you need for this – is valid premium subscription and a stable internet connection.

Kartina TV in the US - is television without borders, without antenna and cable, which is very significant in modern life.

everything is very good!!

всегда покупаю здесь! чего и вам советую

pokpaju u vas abonement uzhe ne odin mesjac, vse horosho. edinstvennoe - postojanno zabyaju parol', no jeto uzhe moja vina

Rebjat, vse klass. otdel'noe spasibo za napomininie prodlit' abonement, vechno zabyvaju

самая удобная покупка абонемента здесь

здесь покупать проще, чем на немецком сайте. две минуту и абонеменит пришел. там же вечно какие-то проблемы с оплатой

была проблема с покупкой абонемента, ребята все решили

была проблема с покупкой абонемента, ребята все решили

покупаю только у вас, но ствлю 4 - вам есть куда еще стремиться

I like that the subscription quickly comes to email

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Kartina TV 1 month subscription

Kartina TV Премиум абонемент Kartina TV на один месяц Премиум абонемент Kartina TV на один месяц
  • Availability: In Stock
USD 2030-01-01
  • 29.00


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