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Kartina TV Deals


Kartina TV Deals

Dear subscribers and guests of our online store! We are glad to see you all, and we want to tell you some interesting news about new promo, which is devoted to the beginning of the summer season.

With our service, you can get free again Kartina TV box! To get this pretty and functional console you do not have to do anything complicated, just the usual thing – buy an annual premium Kartina TV package and Kartina Like  will be in your pocket! Yes, you can purchase an annual description to Kartina TV, and we will sell all the needed information to your e-mail. But also we will send you a wonderful Kartina Like  box to your address, specified in the order. Taking part in this promo, you can get not only pristavka Kartina Like  absolutely for free, but also spend a little less money for Russian TV, because annual subscription is much cheaper than tvelwe monthly Kartina TV subscriptions.

This is a limited offer, so hurry up! Just click on the “buy” button and choose what type of an annual subscription you want to purchase.

Please note that at this time, the Kartina X box is a gift!