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Now you can buy Kartina TV EVA - a new generation Kartina TV box from Dune!

Kartina TV Starter Package for Beginners

Only here you can purchase the Kartina TV starter kit for beginners . This kit includes the Kartina TV USA premium package for a period of 30 days and one of Kartina TV Box (pick any). All information on the purchased subscription will be sent to your email right away. The Kartina TV Player will be delivered to your address by mail within a few business days.

With the appearing of this starter kit in the assortment of our store, shopping has become even faster and more comfortable! Just spent a couple of minutes - and Russian TV Brooklyn USA for a long time settles in your house.

If you still have doubts, then you should get to know us and our services better - go to the "blog" section, there you will find all the necessary information.No need to deny yourself the pleasure of spending time with the best Russian-language television in America!

I like everything very well

thank you now no need to look for where to buy kartina tv

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[Bestseller] Starter Package + Comigo Quattro HD

Comigo sk-comigo-quattro sk-comigo-quattro
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
USD 2030-01-01
  • 78.00